American Express Reserve iOS App UI iOS App Design

American Express iOS App


With offices across the country, American Express needed an internal solution for employees to reserve and check availability for specific meeting and work spaces.


UI Design, Collaborated with a UX Designer, Wireframes, Interactive Prototype, High Fidelity Designs



After confirming all of the requirements for the app with the client an collaborating with a UX designer to create the userflow, I created a set of wireframes and a lo-fi interactive prototype based on the wireframes for a client presentation, which prompted a discussion on design and how color would effect the flow. After this discussion, I created hi-fidelity designs and reworked the interactive prototype to reflect the updated designs. Once approved, I exported all of my assets from Sketch into Zeplin and worked with a developer to refine all interactions.


The final product is a fully loaded and easy to navigate internal app. It allows employees to reserve a meeting space, invite co-workers to the meeting, view a calendar of upcoming meetings, reserve flexible workspace (known as Blue Work Space) for traveling employees, and locate colleagues who have reserved Blue Work Space.