Alfa Romeo Stelvio Masterclass Microsite UX UI Front-end Development Responsive Website Design

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Masterclass Microsite


When Alfa Romeo launched the 2018 Stelvio in the U.S. market, automätik was tasked with training sales and service management and dealership team members on the vehicle’s iconic style, performance, and technology. To support 11 full-day launch events in three major cities, I created a dynamic microsite to get attendees excited for the training experience and to provide crucial travel and venue information about the cities they would be visiting.


User Experience, Design, Front-end Development




After an initial requirements meeting, I hit the ground running with the site's design and development. With only seven days set aside for draft one of this deliverable, I utilized the styling of the Alfa Romeo website as a base for navigation and other key features. This allowed me to not only speed up the layout and functionality process, but it also ensured that all participants would be able to navigate the site with ease and brand familiarity. I worked with a communications designer on content and a strategy for staggering the site links to build anticipation. Additional functionality was added during draft two in order to to meet and exceed client expectations. The site was routed through four levels of intensive reviews within the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) team (creative, brand, senior management and product proofing). Long scroll pages with navigation anchors were utilized for easy mobile viewing.


The site's staggered release allowed participants to get a glimpse of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio along with access to press releases, videos and digital brochures prior to the training event. A few days before their scheduled event wave, participants received another text with a new microsite link that now included information on all the hotels, event venues and local dining recommendations. A week after their training, a final text was sent with a link to module summaries--integrated into the microsite for post-event reference.

The site was fully responsive on desktops and tablets, but was refined and optimized for mobile viewing. While compounding links to the site were sent over a specified period of time, the end result was a cohesive, organized, and effective resource for clients and participants alike.