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because Website Redesign


because is a boutique event space in Phoenix, AZ. In 2018, the newly appointed Director of Operations and Marketing initiated an extensive redesign of their marketing materials. I supported the initial website launch in 2016 under critical time constraints, and was approached once again to manage this key portion of the marketing overhaul.


User Experience, Design, Front-end Development, Photo Sourcing / Editing, SEO


Before beginning the redesign, I reviewed the current site's analytics and worked with the team at because to gather client feedback. After evaluating the previous site as a whole and the new marketing materials that were being created, I presented a revised sitemap, plan of action and goals for the future of the space's website.

Prior to development, I presented a set of wireframes for the overall layout of the site. I then dove in to creating the site structure on Bootstrap, pouring through two years worth of event photography and images and refining the content for optimal engagement and increased SEO rankings.


The final product is a fully responsive, SEO-optimized site that the team is proud to share with clients and promote on social media. Within one month of going live, because saw a 30% increase in new traffic—the majority of which resulted from organic search results.