Toyota Avalon Event Guide UX UI Mobile Front-end Development

Toyota Avalon Event Guide


autom├Ątik worked with Toyota to train their regional training team for the launch of the rebuilt Avalon and the new Corolla Hatch. During this two day training the facilitators needed an easy way for participants to access their schedule along with module specific prompts to open Blippar, a third-party augmented reality app that was integrated into the training program.


User Experience and Interface Design, Wireframes, High Fidelity Designs, Front-end Development, Mobile Development




After receiving a block flow of the event, I worked with our internal Toyota squad (VP, Creative Director, instructional designers and a graphic designer) to help them organize content and a strategy for the event guide. The main goal was to ensure participants were in the correct module during the two day training course but also integrate the Blippar app. To simplify the navigation within the app, I worked with the graphic designer to ensure that each team had a color and image specific to their team and used that to then reveal their specific schedule, these images and colors were used on name badges to divide up the participants. For the augmented reality portion, I created magnets that were stuck on the vehicles during some of the modules and all AR content / microsites that were used to aid learning during vehicle walkaround sessions. These magnets are below, feel free to download Blippar, scan the individual targets and explore each microsite. *Content should be viewed in landscape mode


The Avalon Event Guide hit both of the goals needed and went on to be used at dealerships across the nation during training.